Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam is developed for cleaning barrels in all calibres. It removes copper and brass compounds as well as combustion waste from the gun barrel by a chemical process.

Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam replaces mechanical brushing and use of all ammonium liquids. The foam saves time and equipment and it does not damage the gun barrel.

Combination of Vibrating Pneumatic Bore cleaning Brush (VPBB) with Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam in gun barrel cleaning gives a better result compared to a cleaning procedure with only gun oil, a rod and a patch. Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam is well suitable also for regular use, not only to remove copper and brass residues from the barrels.

VPBB systems are complete pneumatically driven maintenance kit for bores and barrels. The brush will move by itself inside the tube and effectively loosen any debris or residues due to its vibrating brush system.


CLP MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS supplies a host of weapon cleaning and bore-control tools and systems to ensure optimum operability and maintenance of your armed forces' inventory.


  • Cleaning, dewatering, rust removal
  • Lubricating, preserving and conditioning
  • Non-sticky, dirt and salt repellant
  • Durable all-weather protection
  • Safe for man and nature
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable


There's no last-minute scrambling for missing elements…no delays…no jumble of miscellaneous elements to order and distribute, when you utilize the BOR-CAP Cleaning and Preserving System (for calibers 5.56 to 203mm and mortars 60-120mm).

Everything you need in the field – in the correct proportions – is logically organized in a compact, self-contained kit for use with specific bore size of your weapon. All BOR-CAP kits have NATO STOCK NUMBERS.

    • Better Cleaning – The unique BREAK-FREE CLP formula penetrates directly to the metal surface undercutting firing residues, carbon deposits, rust, dirt and other contaminants so they are easily wiped away more quickly and more effectively than any other product in the armed forces' inventory
    • Better Lubrication – The moisture-displacing film left by an application of BREAK-FREE CLP is super-slippery and long-lasting. Moreover it is less likely to break down under heat and pressure than that of other oils or dry lubricants
    • Better Preservation – The non-sticky film left by BREAK-FREE CLP not only offers superb protection against rust or corrosion, but actually prevents the tight adhesion of subsequent firing residues


Easy to use and very effective semi-automatic and pneumatically driven core and chamber cleaning brushes save time, effort and money.

DE-COPPERING. Removal of copper inside barrels and bores with unique formula and unique brushes far better than existing dangerous chemicals and steel brushes!


  • No Ammonia, user-friendly and enviromentally safe
  • Non-toxic, not aggressive for steel
  • Chemical reaction removes copper and brass compounds as well as combustion residues
  • Suitable for all weapons
  • less mechanical cleaning, saves manpower

Technical characters:

  • Suitable for use with tanks (24V/30A)
  • easily change adapters to fit 76mm – 155mm
  • freely rotating brush elements
  • belt driven brush
  • Operational temperature -30 - +50 Celsius
  • Overall weight less than 60kg
  • Pre-programmable control unit, with automatic and manual mode
  • Closed and un-pressured system
  • Detection and measurement of internal erosion, pitting, and corrosion in tubes and pipes and on complex surfaces
  • Tube diameter and ovality measurements for manufacturing quality control
  • Dent measurement and inner surface imaging of tubes
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