NERVA LG is the first product in the Nexter Robotics line. It is a low-cost, user-friendly system designed to hit targets quickly and efficiently and designed with the end-user in mind, requiring no specialized skills. Nerva LG functions remotely under any conditions also build with intelligence in

  • Field
  • Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance in law enforcement
  • Disaster response
  • Border patrol applications.  

The robot was developed by the Nexter from France, that develops and manufactures remotely operated robots for use by military forces, law enforcement, installation inspection, people detection, and threat neutralization. A special camera provides situational awareness and allows the operator to see what is ahead

Nerva LG, a remote-controlled 4-wheel-drive micro attack robot vehicle with 5kg weight and endurance up to 2 hours. Suitable for rough terrain action, it is equipped with a built-in wireless micro-camera that transmits a sharp colour picture and clear sound to a hand-held unit.

This model is also versatile and is capable of launching explosives and special purpose ammunitions (with a time setting) and operating as a completely independent weapon with only using additional module. This additional module consists of equipment that allows Nerva LG perform better for safer and more reliable operation.



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