TVI R400 




The TVi R400 real-time wireless video streaming encoder provides high-quality video/audio transmission and features a ruggedised design and connectors. 

With its form factor and features, the R400 is a world-class tactical surveillance device. It can also be incorporated into RDC wireless ground sensor solutions. 



  • Lightweight and ruggedised design with no moving parts for reliable, resilient and silent operation. 
  • Secure live video transmission over very low or variable bandwidths.
  • Rapidly deployable for operational situations where installation time is critical.
  • Constructed for harsh environments and operational conditions (including vehicle and man portable use).
  • Ethernet connector.  
  • Inbuilt GPRS/3G/HSDPA module. 
  • Fly wheel battery interface for optimal portability.
  • Compatible with the class-leading RDC unattended ground sensor system (available from Digital Barriers). 


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