Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Homeland Security. Migration Surveillance. Smuggling Watch. 

The Skypatrol UAV drone provides a unique solution for successful specialized missions. 

  • Bidirectional satelite communications.
  • High performance hydrogen battery.
  • Vertical take off and landing (VTOL) system.

Skypatrol unique combination:

  • Take off & land virtually from anywhere.
  • Easily manage your long-range mission.
  • Control your drone from anywhere in the world.


Dimensions & Payload:

 Wingspan : 3750mm
 Length : 1890mm
 Maximum take-ff weight : 22000g
 Wing area : 94 dm2
 Wing Loading : ~200g/dm2


Design Highlight

  • All carbon fiber construction.
  • Fully sheeted 1mm thick plug-in wing.
  • Plug-in 1mm thick V-tail.
  • Huge payload up to 10kg net capability.
  • Large air intake & cooling duct for ESC/motor cooling and hydrogen battery.
  • Highly aerodynamically efficient airframe.
  • Interchangeability for 500W/1000W hydrogen generator.
  • Fully compatibility LiPo or Hydrogen energy. 


 Product Brochure

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